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For 10 years, the NTSO has been providing excellent classical concerts for the Northern Tier region. Our journey as a group is recorded through our performances.  Visit us at Tier Symphony for more videos.

If you enjoy what you hear, please consider supporting the orchestra by attending a concert or making a donation. The orchestra remains forever grateful for the support you provide!


The NTSO Spotlight Series

The Northern Tier Symphony Orchestra remains committed to making itself YOUR orchestra. Our members are a part of your communities, your family, and your friends.

However, the dedication it takes to be a professional musician has its cost; it is not as simple as showing up at the same place, practicing once or twice, and putting on a great concert! While our musicians are committed, hard-working, and talented, and they must delicately inter-weave their work and home lives together to make the magic of music.

The Spotlight Series was conceptualized by one of our board members, Andrew Jackloski, for our musicians to tell their stories - the hidden efforts that all of our great musicians must make to bring our fantastics concerts to reality.

Rebekah Hickok, Flute

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